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Rosslyn Ice is a production, packaging, distribution, transportation and service delivery structure, all grouped into one, to optimize functions within the company.

Rosslyn Ice delivers a high capacity of ice blocks and cubes, which has been differentiated into a vast product range to satisfy market demand. The raw product is produced and packaged on site, it is then stored within refrigerated storage and kept in peak condition for distribution. Distribution is managed by the company as per request by the client. The product is then delivered to various points and packed within retail display and storage units, depending on client requirements.
Grouping these functions of production, packaging, distribution, transportation, service delivery, market and consumer satisfaction has produced efficient and
effective high-end results to optimally manage the Rosslyn Ice trademark as a market leader within the ice production and packaging industry. Where we produce and package ice for a variety of brands in South Africa.

Rosslyn Ice delivers a product of highest quality, which has been purified and U. V. Sterilized.

We maintain to strive for the highest standards ; to comply with regulations set through legislation; maintain hygiene standards - to ensure consumer safety & satisfaction. Within the packaging industry we strive to be environmentally friendly with fully recyclable materials used, functional EAN-registered and implemented barcoding systems.
All these attributes have aspired through our insight and vision to make us a future envisaged trademark - packer, producer, supplier and full service delivery company who strives to improve, develop, grow and build exceptional relationships for the future for the people:
Our ice is safe, convenient, in high demand and has satisfied since 1986. We offer convenience to our main client: you the consumer / buyer as we aim to find functional and mutually beneficial solutions for consumer & business alike - to assure market satisfaction.

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